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    The Egyptian love spell can be used to strengthen existing love or to attract new love. This spell is safe even for beginners because Isis will only grant success of the spell if the love requested is good for you.

    You may want to read in advance so that you can prepare for the success of this spell.

    The Isis Full Moon love spell is most powerful when performed on any Full Moon (or on the day before or after a Full Moon), but can be performed at any time.

    It is strongly recommended that you prepare for this spell in a love bath.

    A love bath is an easy and safe way to perform a love ritual or love spell. This is not a bath for cleaning — you may want to take a normal shower before performing a love bath.

    Prepare a warm bath in a tub and then add magickally empowered herbs. The use of chants, incense, candles, and other magickal support will help empower the love bath.

    Relax in the warm scented bath water and envision yourself as a loving and caring person seeking another caring and loving person as a love partner.

    See the article on love baths for suggested herbal recipes.

    Draw down the strength of the Full Moon. Do this by holding a bowl of water under the light of the Moon. While looking at the reflection of the Full Moon in the bowl, focus your thoughts on the purity of love that Isis can grant through the power of the Full Moon. it is important to visualize the pure power of love in the moonlight.

    After letting the water soak in the pure love power of the moon light, say a short prayer, spell, or chant to Isis requesting that she grant your request for pure love. You can say something simple such as, “Isis grant me pure and good love.” It is even better if you come up with your own wording with a request from your heart. It does not have to rhyme.

    Drink the magick water. The Moon’s love power will flow into your body and energize every cell.

    Light a white candle to Isis. If you know the proper herbs for a love spell, you can prepare the candle in advance. Otherwise, any ordinary white candle (of any size and shape) is acceptable.

    Use the candle flame to purify your request for love and to personalize it to you. In the case of an existing love, personalize the spell to you and your lover. For a new love spell, personalize it to you and ask for Isis to help deliver your desired love (not necessarily a specific person).

    If you have an existing love that you are strengthening, focus your thoughts on how you want Isis to strengthen your love. This spell is particularly powerful if you and your lover perform it together.

    If you are seeking a new love, focus your thoughts on the what you want Isis to grant you in love and how you want Isis to make you more ready for love. This is an ethical love spell because the focus is in making you ready for love rather than manipulating someone else against his or her will.

    Focus your thoughts on the purity of love and the purity of the flame. Let the flame burn away impure love.

    You may read a poem that you have personally written that expresses your hopes and desires and dreams about love.

    If your candle is still burning, snuff it out rather than blowing it out. If you blow out the flame, you will also blow out the magick of the love spell. You might use a small white tea candle and avoid having to put out a candle.

    You may optionally dance in the moonlight and celebrate the pure love that Isis brings.

    You may perform this spell on you own, but for extra power, you can join together with others who are performing a shared Isis Full Moon love spell each Full Moon.

    By working together with others all over the world you greatly strengthen your love spell. There is power and strength in unity and coordinated magick. This works like a coven, except on a worldwide basis.

    The physical thread that brings together the worldwide Isis Full Moon love spell is making a donation to Pr Ntr Kmt.

    The exchange of energy through a donation to Pr Ntr Kmt is a very powerful component of a spell. By giving up something of value to you, you invest your personal energy into the spell and make it more likely to be successful. If you don’t invest any personal energy into the spell, it won’t have much power because it isn’t important to you and therefore the spell is bound to fail. Obviously a donation is not the only way to invest significant personal energy into a magick spell, but it also has the advantage of physically connecting your personal energy with the personal energies of many other Witches around the world.

    Pr Ntr Kmt offers several levels of personal love energy donations for the Egyptian love spell, raning from a $20 Basic Love Spell to a $10,000 Divine Love Spell.

Basic Love Spell$20
Gate Love Spell$50
Garden Love Spell$100
Entrance Love Spell$200
Inner Love Spell$500
High Priest Love Spell$700
High Priestess Love Spell$1000
Pyramid Love Spell$2400
CapStone Love Spell$5,000
Divine Love Spell$10,000

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Love Spells of Pr Ntr Kmt

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