Pr Ntr Kmt Chinese flavors

Chinese flavors

    Chinese medicine divides foods and herbs into seven flavors, each representing a basic Energetic property. Note that the flavors are based on the effects on the body and may differ from actual taste.

Chinese flavors

    Bitter is Clearing and Drying. Clearing is the oppostie of Tonifying and can be used to treat Heat excess and Toxin excess. Drying is the opposite of Moistening and can be used to treat Damp stagnation. (See bitter.)

    Bland is Draining and promotes urination. (See bland.)

    Salty is Softening and Purging. Softening can be used to treat hardness, such as nodules or masses. Purging can be used to promote elimination, especially via the bowels, and can be used to treat some kinds of constipation. (See salty.)

    Sour is Contracting and can be used to treat certain types of diarrhea and can be used to treat spontaneous or excessive sweating. (See sour.)

    Spicy or pungent is Dispersing and Moving. Dispersing can be used to break up and distribute a concentrated stagnation, to release Cold, and to push out pathogens. Moving activates and mobilizes Energy flow and circulation and can be used to treat Ki or Blood stagnation. (See pungent.)

    Stringent is Contracting and can be used to treat certain types of diarrhea and can be used to treat spontaneous or excessive sweating. Stringent is similar to sour, but stronger. (See stringent.)

    Sweet is Tonifying, Harmonizing, and Relaxing. Tonifying can be used to support or strengthen the body, blood, or specific organs. Harmonizing can be used to bring the body and spirit into balance. Relaxing can be used to counteract spasms and tightness. (See sweet.)

See also yin foods, yang foods, and neutral foods

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