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ages of man

    Ages of man is an ancient belief that the astrological planets rule the series of stages (or ages) of a person’s life (man is used in the outdated patriarchal manner). Each of the traditional astrological planets rules a seven year period.

  1. Moon: infancy (0-7)
  2. Mercury: early education (7-14)
  3. Venus: adolescence (14-21)
  4. Sun: early adulthood (21-28)
  5. Mars: prime of life (28-35)
  6. Jupiter: middle age (35-42)
  7. Saturn: old age (42-49)

    With the longer life expectancies of modern times, the ages of Jupiter and Saturn (middle age and old age) are both expanded beyond seven years each.

    Confirmation in the Roman Catholic Church occurs at age seven, marking the passing from the age of innocence (Moon) to the age of discretion (Mercury).

    Bar Mitzvah, a Jewish ritual of puberty (Venus), occurs at age 13, one year before the matching atrological age.

    The traditional European age of majority (Sun) occurred at the age of 21.

    When reading a person’s chart, take into account the ruler of the person’s age.

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